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like or reblog if you are saving or using, all credits to @harrysbeat on twitter, x

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Cute ♡

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Love him at a piano


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2012 Year-End Top ★ Shooting
» Robert Pattinson

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Jake and Zooey being interviewed by what appears to be a tumblr user.

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I watched Little Ashes, in which Rob plays a young Salvador Dali; I watched Remember Me; I watched the first Twilight movie. And I watched — interestingly enough, I suppose, because people wouldn’t expect it — but you watch interviews with the guy on YouTube, you know. I want to get an idea of his sense of humor, his sense of himself, the way he handles himself, his intelligence — all of those things you can’t really tell from watching an actor play a role in a movie. I suppose in the old days you meet the guy and hang out, and go to a bar or whatever — [laughs] — but these days nobody has time for that, or the money, and so you do it some other way. And once I’d done all that stuff, I thought, This is the guy I want. I thought, He’d be terrific and I actually think he’s a very underrated actor — and it would be my pleasure to prove that by casting him.

                - David Cronenberg on Robert Pattinson

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Twilight - Favourite Quotes that didn’t make it into the movie - 2:2

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